Peptide & Scaffold Leads Discovery (PSLD) Platform

PSLD cDNA display is an in-vitro novel screening technology for biological targets by using a puromycin-linker DNA containing a ‘ligation site’, a ‘biotin site’ ‘reverse transcription primer site’ and a ‘restriction enzyme site’. 


The puromycin–linker DNA characteristics features facilitate the efficient synthesis of stable mRNA/cDNA–protein fusion molecules.

PSLD display enables in-vitro selection of various kinds of peptide and protein libraries of more than 1~10 trillion different sequences which is higher than other in vitro display techniques.


➀  strong covalent bonding via the puromycin

➁  biotin moiety for the solid phase immobilization of the mRNA-linker, allowing post-translational chemical or enzymatic crosslinking, various modifications and reverse transcription reaction with non-natural amino acids

➂  the linker harboring a primer for reverse transcription, enabling rapid synthesis of cDNA

For an efficient drug lead discovery, the most important feature is library diversity. PSLD cDNA based library is chemically most stable during the selection process. mRNA based library is more prone to degradation effectively diminishing the diversity.



Advantageous features of PSLD cDNA Display Platform are;

1- Cell-free translation system.

2- Stable puromycin-linker with efficient linkage formation between genotype and phenotype.

3- DNA-based system (stable), not RNA (degradable).

4- Flexible peptide-library design such as cyclic, scaffold, containing s-s linkages, non-natural amino acids, the possibility for post-translational modification.

5- Huge-diversity of peptide-library (1~10 trillion)

6-  Appropriate linkage-volume for proper interaction of expressed peptides with the target molecule.

7- cDNA hybridization enabled highly stable genotype-phenotype bridged molecule.

8- High pH and temperature stability platform.

9- Simple, cost-effective manufacturing.





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