Peptide & Scaffold Leads Discovery (PSLD) Platform is a powerful technique for screening of a very large 1~10 trillion peptide libraries and discovery of various target-specific leads, with a variety of peptide libraries structures including; cyclic peptide, low molecular weight antibodies, scaffold, order-made peptide design.


We provide our unique peptide-based drug discovery platform to break bottlenecks in drug discovery and development. Our proprietary PSLD platform technology features allow us to address therapeutic targets that are considered “undruggable” with either small molecules or biologicals, in particular, protein-protein interactions. PSLD platform could effectively be used for the screening of intracellular, extracellular and cell membrane biological targets.

Our business strategy is a three-legged approach;

1- Collaborative research with well known pharmaceutical companies to share the experience for the discovery of the novel lead peptides.


2- licensing-out of PSLD patent platform to potential pharmaceutical companies.
3- In-house research and development of peptide leads and building our own pipeline.

MeSCue-Janusys is open to additional partnering collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who share our excitement in the potential of peptides medicine. Please contact us at

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